Friday, August 24, 2018

Snowy Sneak Attack

Girl just wants to enjoy a cup of chai but noooooooo.....

(Bah, speed paint scrap.)

Acrylic on micron linart

Sonic and Sally belong to SEGA

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Lenior & Iris Mam Day

I subconsciously drew a mom and daughter from my Caige cast since we're still having Mam Day residue. Just claim the whole month, darnit! Mom has earned it.

Lenoir is a fashion designer and Iris is her mannequin... DAUGHTER.. I meant daughter.  Lenoir is an interesting mix of conservative and cutting edge when it comes to fashion and is always on the lookout for all that is beautiful and excellent. She believes women can look absolutely hot without all their "gifts" hanging out and savagely critiques the student portfolios at the local fashion school she sponsors.

Iris rolls with the upper crust, fashion scene for the most part; two of her closest associates being a pop singer and an aspiring action film actor. She, however is a closet techie with a brain like her inventor dad. She dabbles in hacking and solving complex algorithms her father sends to her behind her mother's back.

I'll probably do a pic of these two soon illustrating the dynamic of their relationship.

(PS. I hate distressed jeans. Some go so far it makes you look like you got mauled by pack of hyenas.)

A little about my mom. She's a CNA that takes care of the elderly. She does everything 1000%. She's Jamaican like me (obviously) but look like she come straight from India. I jokingly tease her on the phone with an exaggerated Indian accent "Thank you, come again, Son-jah Salima! try my cookie cookie, only 99 cents including TAX!"

She cooks a mean curry chicken, dal, brown stew chicken and stewed peas. I recently got her addicted to Asian dramas and now I've created a monster.

Rhino Fan

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Anyone Can Draw

I agree with the video. I don't think people are necessarily born with skill falling in their lap but rather the passion and inclination towards it. Like a muscle you can choose whether or not you want to develop it. When you have passion you are willing to spend the blood, sweat and tears for it. People look at me and think everything fell in my lap but I've been practicing for 30 years and was formally educated in art as well. I LOVE what I do and I have endured hardship for it. Some people really are wired for it and it comes more naturally to some but I do agree everyone CAN learn to draw. We were all kids once and kids are naturally creative.

Matt's comments about preconceived symbols are spot on. That's what they brought my attention to in art school!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017